Ainscough Flour Mill, Burscough

Date Visited: May 2007

This large mill dominates the flat countryside around Burscough and it's chimney can be seen for miles around. Originally owned by H & R Ainscough, who also owned a mill in Parbold (and a hotel in Southport) it was later owned by Allied Mills until it's closure in 1998.
After nearly 10 years of disuse, the site was starting to decay, and had suffered some vandalism, but was largely intact. However, since my visit in 2007, the site was hit by several fires, and it took until 2014/2015 before the developers finally moved onto the site. Since then, the newer buildings have been demolished, as well as one of the older buildings (maybe due to fire damage or it's unsuitability to conversion), but the old Mansion House and the main mill have all been renovated and are now apartments. And the chimney still stands!