Grane Mill, Haslingden

Date Visited: November 2007

Grane Mill was in use until 1979, and powered by this twin cylinder steam engine until 1976. The engine was built just down the road by Stotts of Haslingden and was installed in 1907, which makes it 100 years old.

Unusually for a mill engine, it wasn't broken up when the mill closed, and it's testament to it's remarkable custodian Dave Armfield that it's still in existence. Dave has spent the last 9 years, mostly on his own, restoring the engine, and for several years, didn't even have mains electricity. As he's recently suffered a few strokes, he has got a few others involved to help out and the engine should be ready to run next year. The orginal Lancashire Boilers are still downstairs, and he's hoping to restore one to working condition. Additionally, the owner of what's left of the mill will be donating it to a trust that will be set up shortly, so all Dave's other steam engines (he has several) can be sited here.

The mill isn't open to the public, and there website isn't online yet, so this was a visit I arranged via a few emails and phone calls. Hopefully, it should be open next year.