Huncoat Power Station

Date Visited: May 2008

While this place has been done to death in the urbex community, I still found it an interesting place to see. It has been a popular place for graffiti artists for years larger because of its large walls and ease of access which probably also accounts for its popularity for urbex - it's an easy first explore. It's also popular with the local vandals and fly tippers - I aborted my first attempted visit when I saw a Police car sat at the main entrance.

Construction of the Power Station began in 1950 and it was opened in 1956. Situated on the Burnley coalfield meant that the power station had a ready supply of local coal, and until 1968 was served by a half mile railway line to Huncoat Colliery. The Power Station had a fairly short life, closure coming in 1984. The cooling towers were brought down in 1988 and the main buildings were demolished in 1990, apart from this one building.

It appears to have been offices of some kind, and I suspect the long high hall to have been some kind of maintenance facility, or maybe housed some transformers before the more recent transformer farm was built on the site. Quite why it was then abandoned once it fell out of use is unclear, and the place is now little more than a vandalised shell. But as you move away from the main building and back over the torn down fencing, traces of the past appear - huge cast iron plates set into the concrete were probably bases for plant in the power station, and severed steel columns, cut off with a gas axe, indicate where the building once stood.

All photos taken on a Nikon F100, using Fuji PRO400H (colour) or CN400 (B & W)

I revisited this site and posted the photos here.