Ivy Bank Mill Revisit

Date Visited: April 2008

Full history can be found in the gallery of photographs from my first visit here.
I made a second visit to this lovely old mill, as I didn't take a tripod on my first visit. Although at the time this seemed unnecessary (the place had little roof, plus I had to park my car at the top of a nearby mountain it seemed), in retrospect, the strong backlighting wasn't great, and I felt some light HDR (High Dynamic Range) post processing was in order. For this you need a tripod so that you can bracket the exposures.
I think that these images are far better than the ones from my first visit, and I think they work especially well in mono.

Photos from the first visit are here: http://www.theviewfromthenorth.org/ivy-bank-mill-haworth

Pictures are included in my Shadows of The North book