London Road Fire Station - Samsung Galaxy S7

Date Visited: March 2016

You may have seen the other portfolio of pictures that I took with my Fuji, this set was taken on the Samsung Galaxy S7. These have been processed in Adobe Lightroom and Nik Color Efex, and given some subtle contrast / saturation adjustments but nothing significant.

Full disclosure - I was paid to take these photographs by a PR company on behalf of O2. That said, my own personal opinion of the camera on the phone is that it's bloody amazing. Can't comment on the rest of the phone as it had no sim or other apps on, but the camera is superb!

The building is quite magnificent and has been mostly unused for 30 or so years, with the last section, the coroners court, being vacated in 1998. It was bought by Britannia Hotels (unclear when exactly) who proceeded to put in several planning applications but appeared not to have acted on any of them. In 2015 it was bought by Allied London for redevelopment, and they kindly let me in to take these photographs. Thanks to Ian and Phil for arranging access and showing us round:)

Full history on Wiki and also on this excellent website.