Multipart, Chorley

Date Visited: June 2007

This is a very large site (25 acres) that has only just become empty, the company moving to the other side of Chorley to a smaller premises near my house. When I saw the new place, I kept my eye on the old one waiting for it to become vacant, but within 2 weeks of closure, demolition had started in preparation for 400 houses!

The site was formerly a British Leyland factory, manufacturing parts for trucks and buses, before becoming the headquarters of Multipart.

I had a mooch round the outside, but is surrounded variously by walls, fences and houses (complete with lots of CCTV), so I resorted to the tried and tested 'ask the security guard' method. Turns out he'd been there 7 years so he said he'd give me a quick walk around. So no time for any of my arty farty shots, and he had no assess to the office block.