Roach Bridge Paper Mill, Preston

Date Visited: April 2007

Until 2001 the site was used for the manufacture and printing of specialist tissue paper. The family structure held the majority of shares with management holding a minority interest. Unfortunately, trading conditions and increased regulation caused major problems, trading had to cease and the company was placed in administration. The creditors were eventually discharged with the result that the company was released from administration and returned to the control of the shareholders. The majority shareholder subsequently negotiated the purchase of the minority shareholding returning the company to 100% ownership within the family.

Tissue conversion has re-started at Roach Bridge ( in some of the more modern buildings, while some of the older buildings have been demolished. These are being replaced by a very interesting development of new buildings that will be powered by a water turbine, much like the original mill. As such, this site is NOT explorable. Many thanks to Charles Hadcock for the information.

More history to follow!